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Warriors of the Lake

A cat RP forum based on the later books of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter.
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 Combat and Hunting Systems

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PostSubject: Combat and Hunting Systems   Combat and Hunting Systems EmptyWed Mar 07, 2018 11:58 am

A Guide to Combat

Combat on Warriors of the Lake is a simple affair. It consists of a set number of dice depending on your characters rank. The goal is to get the highest possible amount of damage done to your opponent as possible. Please note that the higher ranking your warrior, you will have a different attack dice. Your amount of combat rolls however, must match the lower ranking cat.

For this guide, we will use 2 cats of apprentice rank. We'll dub them, Mistpaw and Flamepaw.

Since they are both apprentices, each have a total of 3 rolls. You may choose which of these 3 you want to use as Attack or Defense.

Attack Dice:

This dice is heavily focused on damage. Most of the time, it's a simple number. That is what we will show in this example.

Roll 1: Mistpaw

Combat and Hunting Systems 7_dama10

As you can see, the dice roll was a +7 damage. This means Flamepaw now has 7 damage.

Defence Dice:

Of course, Flamepaw doesn't have to be a sitting target. They may choose to roll a Defence dice. This will reduce the impact of the hit, but only if rolled before the opponents attack dice. In this example, the 7 damage still stands.

Roll 1: Flamepaw

Combat and Hunting Systems 4_dama10

As you can see, Flamepaw rolled a 4 in defence. This means that the next attack they are hit with will subtract 4 from it's damage. So a roll of 6 damage would be reduced down to 2. A roll of 3 damage would do nothing. It is important to note that a defence dice, only lasts for the opponents next turn, and is not stackable.

Specialty Roll:

Specialty rolls are rare and few. However they can turn the balance into the opponents favour. These will contain both attack and defence and are embedded in both the attack and the defence dice. Each dice has a different set, geared towards attacking or defending respectively.

Roll 2: Mistpaw

Combat and Hunting Systems Agilit10

In this example, Mistpaw got "Agility Strike" which allows her a strong +5 damage, unfortunately, it also drops her guard and puts her in close range for an attack from Flamepaw. Lowering her defence. Since he also rolled a defensive 4 earlier, he only takes one damage.

Roll 2: Flamepaw

Combat and Hunting Systems 5_dama11

Due to Mistpaw's lowered defence, Flamepaw's attack deals a large +8 damage. Now, the battle is perfectly even. It all comes down to the final rolls. Everyone pick your winner!

Roll 3: Mistpaw

Combat and Hunting Systems 2_dama11

Roll 3: Flamepaw

Combat and Hunting Systems 3_dama10

Mistpaw's total dealt Damage: 10

Flamepaw's total dealt Damage: 11

In this example, Flamepaw was the victor because he dealt more damage to Mistpaw than she did to him. Utilizing both dice is the key to victory, although luck does also play a part. It's ultimately up to you to decide how your cat fights, and remember that outside of rank requirements, the system is optional.

A Guide to Hunting

For a hunting patrol to be considered completed, a character has to have rolled 1 dice per hunting post until they reach 3. Once 3 rolls have been completed, a character may choose to stop hunting. If they've mostly been failures, they may continue until 3 prey items have been caught.

When encountering an enemy, any player in that thread may choose to rp it. Each cat has the [combat rolls] of their rank. Each enemy's stats are listed below as well as the dice required for them. You must either lower the health of an enemy to 0 to kill it, or lower it to at least half before chasing it off. If you do not, the enemy will win and the thread will end early with a strategic retreat.

Combat and Hunting Systems Adder_10 Apprentice Dice - 10 Health

Combat and Hunting Systems Hawk_e10
Apprentice Dice - 15 Health

Combat and Hunting Systems Owl_en10
Apprentice Dice - 20 Health

Combat and Hunting Systems Weasel10
[size=18] Young Warrior Dice - 30 H[/size]ealth

Combat and Hunting Systems Fox_en10
Warrior Dice - 40 Health

Combat and Hunting Systems Badger10 Senior Warrior Dice - 50 Health

Combat and Hunting Systems Small_10 Deputy Dice - 70 Health

Combat and Hunting Systems Large_10 Leader Dice - 100 Health
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Combat and Hunting Systems
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