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 Where are we now? (open)

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Where are we now? (open) Empty
PostSubject: Where are we now? (open)   Where are we now? (open) EmptyWed Aug 22, 2018 8:00 am

Leopardpaw had decided to take the lead again into finding this whatever called Riverclan when she caught the cent of other cats she looked around looking at her siblings who where al tired. But as always one of them still had the energy to look nervous of the water now surrounding them. she laughed in herself for a bit still following the trail of cents now getting stronger she did not bother telling her about her plan so how about shouting it over her head " okay Blossom you said that we had to find those Riverclan cats I think you got what you asked for, also I have no intentions of walking away now!". She made in herself a battle plan if the cats where to be hostile to them, she herself could take one maybe two cats, hazel paw with his size alone probably two to  Blossom is she got angry could take one and for moon the same and for Lilypaw....oh when Leopard would just nock everyone to the ground who came near her. 


Lilypaw wasn't comfertable, the problem being the watter that was now surrounding them for a half day her siblings hadn't given any signs of discomfort because of the water but, unlike her her siblings never had a problem with water they loved swimming! Something rose had tried to teach her and even do she wouldn't drown now if she felt in the water that was about it.

---------------TIME SKIP---------------

Leopardpaw took halt before a what seemed like camp? It was at least better than the quickly build camps she had slept in for over a moth now and sleeping in there would be a nice chance it was also where the cent of cats was the strongest. She turned around to her siblings.
" So what now?"
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Where are we now? (open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Where are we now? (open)   Where are we now? (open) EmptyThu Aug 23, 2018 3:48 am

Blossompaw yawns, before blinking at her sister, Leopardpaw. 'Don't know,' she murmurs, 'the scent is strong and if those cats are aggressive, we need to fight and I don't really know if we can fight. We all are exhausted.' She looks around: next to the lake, there is a camp with a really strong scent of cats. 'Maybe we should just go inside and talk to them. I am sure we can talk some sense into unknow cats, even if they are cats with no brain.'
She grins a little, before turning to her other siblings. She is sure they can fight, or swim away if they have to. Well, the swimming part is for Moonpaw, Hazelpaw, Leopardpaw and herself, but Lilypaw... she can't really swim, so Blossompaw is a little worried about it.
'It's your choice,' she whispers, looking forward, 'I step back.'

There are two kinds of people: The ones who blame others and the ones who blame themself. I am part of a third group: the ones who know who's blame it really is.
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Where are we now? (open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Where are we now? (open)   Where are we now? (open) EmptyMon Sep 17, 2018 12:37 am

Hazelpaw thinks for a moment before he decides what he thinks they should do. "I think we should go in there and try and talk to them. They can't be that bad right?" He knew his siblings would think he was way too trusting, but he thought everyone deserved a chance. And if they didn't want to talk, they would just fight. They could do that, right? Yes they could fight. He and Leopardpaw could take two cats at a time, and the others one, so they would be fine. If they had to fight. Hazelpaw still thought that they would have a chance of being able to talk to them. He was almost entirely sure that they could talk it out. But if they couldn't, they would fight. That seemed like a good idea! "And if they dont want to talk, we can fight. I am sure we can do that! What do you guys think?" He asked, looking at his siblings. He knew Blossompaw wasn't going to decide, so instead he looked at Leopardpaw, Lilypaw and Moonpaw.
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Where are we now? (open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Where are we now? (open)   Where are we now? (open) EmptyMon Sep 17, 2018 8:27 am

Moonpaw looked at the others. Everyone was a bit nervous. No one really knew what was going to happen, and everyone was well aware of the fact that they may or may not have to might. Moonpaw sighed. She just wanted to avoid fights for now. She looked at Hazelpaw. She just said that she would be ready to fight if needed. A fire was burning in her eyes, and everyone could see that she was ready for anything. Leopardpaw and Lilypaw also seemed clueless of what to do. And although Moonpaw really wanted to agree with Hazelpaws plan, something in her heart told her not to. Why? No clue. Moonpaw sighed again. 'I think we should talk to them. We don't want to hurt innocent cats!' She looked at everyone, especially Hazelpaw. The fire was still burning in her eyes. She won't change her mind, won't she? Moonpaw sighed one last time and walked to the middle of the camp.
The whole camp went silent. Moonpaw heard one last word of Blossompaw: 'No, idiot, don't do it!' Everything in Moonpaws power said that she needed to turn back and go to her siblings, but her heart didn't. Why? No clue. Moonpaw looked around her. She didn't know what to do! This was a bad idea... Maybe turning back wasn't as bad as she thought... Maybe this plan wasn't as good as she thought...
She looked up when a grey furred cat stepped to her. Who was this? An enemy? Moonpaw instantly went in a battling position. The only thing that she could think of was 'Danger, Danger, Danger.' Until she realized that this made everyone in the camp really anxious. She went out of her position and took a deep breath (Yes, again). She tried not to shake to much, but that was almost impossible. She heard her siblings talking behind her. Well, it was more screaming. But she could only focus on she sliver cat in front of her.
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Where are we now? (open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Where are we now? (open)   Where are we now? (open) Empty

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Where are we now? (open)
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