Warriors of the Lake
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Warriors of the Lake

A cat RP forum based on the later books of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter.
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 Dreams Made Real (Open)

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Duskdream padded on, exhausted. Her weary eyes looked all around her, at her Clanmates, the cats who had cared for her in this cruel, unforgiving wilderness. She was not like the rest of them, she knew. She was not born rugged or wild like this one beside her or the elder struggling to keep up. She had been born a kittypet, soft and comfortable in her mother's nest as a kit named Dusk. It had not made sense to her when her mother had whisked her and her two other siblings out the flap in the wall and out into the world. Why had they left that comfort? It had separated her and her mother from the others, who were likely dead now.

That was what had brought them to WindClan. Sapphire, her mother, had been sick when they found these lost, wayward cats. One strange cat, their medicine cat, had done whatever could be done for her... but she died anyways. A kit of five moons, she had been told it was StarClan's will, that she ran with their ancestors now. But how could such a thing be true? It never made sense to her. So, she had been trained as an apprentice alongside their others once she reached six moons, a stranger among them, but treated no differently. Perhaps she was not their greatest, but they named her a warrior all the same: Duskdream. 

She supposed she liked them well enough. They had given her a home, kept her safe and fed through the hardest of times. Some were kind, some were not, but that was just how cats were. That was how she had figured them to be. It didn't make sense then, hearing about some mystical vision telling them to run endless tail-lengths to find a shining lake somewhere they weren't sure of, but having it within sight now brought light back to her dull blue eyes. There was hope again. There was a home they could stay at and enjoy... something she had always selfishly wanted for herself. Perhaps she would be right to trust these cats once and for all, perhaps she would be right to fight for them. After all, she was a kittypet no more.

So, she ran into the territory with some of her other Clanmates, excited to see what was in store for them. The air smelled fresh and clean, full of prey. The wind streamed through her fur, as promised. But best of all? It was full of life. Full of cats. This was somewhere where her life could begin anew, somewhere where she could prove herself. And she would, when it came down to it. She would fight for the cats who had given her so much.
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Dreams Made Real (Open)
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